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Why You Should Retire to Ecuador

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Why You Should Retire to Ecuador

Ecuador is a beautiful country nestled in the top western corner of South America. With the most famous attraction in the nation being the incredible Galapagos Islands, the country is rich in natural beauty. However, its stunning environment is just one of the reasons why living in Ecuador is a great option for your retirement.

This is why we’re sure you’ll love living in Ecuador during your golden years!

Cost of Living

One of the major reasons that living in Ecuador is attractive to retirees is that your dollar stretches far further in the country than it would back home. It is easy for a couple to live comfortably in Ecuador for around $1,500 USD per month, with this amount allowing you plenty of freedom to rent a beautiful home and eat out regularly.

In Ecuador, the average wage is approximately $500 USD per month, so this means that the average retiree’s budget can stretch to a very good standard of living. For example, a large three-bedroom apartment with a private garden within walking distance of Quito city center costs just $550 USD per month.

There is So Much to Do There

When you are retired, you have an almost unlimited number of hours in the week to enjoy. Living in Ecuador is a great way to put them to good use, as there are so many things to do, see and enjoy. For those who love the outdoors, Ecuador is a paradise, with so many beautiful walking, hiking and kayaking trails.

Ecuador also has many beautiful beaches for enjoying the sea, sun and surf – several located on the beautiful Galapagos Islands. As well as the stunning Galapagos, there’s also mountains, volcanoes and jungle – for a relatively small country, it certainly packs a lot in for those who live to explore their own backyard!

The Climate is (Almost) Always Pleasant

With many different regions, Ecuador’s climate varies depending on the place – however overall it has a mild, comfortable temperature with an average temperature of approximately 20 degrees C (68°F). The slight variances in temperature also mean its easy to find somewhere that suits your personal preference, for example those who love their warm days will love sunny Salinas whereas those who prefer cooler temperatures will enjoy more moderate Cotacachi.

In addition, as it lies near the equator, nearly all of Ecuador gets brilliant sunshine all year round. This is perfect for enjoying all the outdoor activities that Ecuador has on offer. Finally, humidity tends to be on the mild side in Ecuador – even better for enjoying the outdoor delights.

Healthcare is Affordable and Great Quality

When choosing a place to retire, access to good healthcare is an important point to consider. Although we hope you’ll never need it, emergency facilities in particular are important – as too are good doctors and facilities for general check-ups. Luckily, Ecuador has both, with many excellent health professionals and hospitals with modern facilities. In addition, the country has many specialists such as psychiatrists and physiotherapists.

Best of all, healthcare in Ecuador is extremely affordable – a week long hospital stay costs about $2,200 USD whereas the same stay in the US could be in excess of $15,000. Plus, residents are eligible for national insurance, and there are many options for affordable and comprehensive insurance.

A Friendly Local Community

Living in Ecuador tends to be at a slower and more laidback pace, with friendly local residents and tight knit local community. As word gets out about the benefits of retiring in Ecuador, more and more people from English speaking countries are enjoying their golden years in places including Cotacachi, Quito and Cuenca. This means that it won’t take long before you have a close network of friends to spend time with.

In addition, many Ecuadorians speak English and the culture is warm and friendly. There is a big emphasis on family and enjoying the little things in life. Living in Ecuador means trading in the often fast-paced, money-centric lifestyle of the West and slowing down to enjoy life with friends, family and good food.

Modern and Comfortable Infrastructure

While Ecuador is considered a developing country, it is rapidly modernizing and you can enjoy an excellent, modern standard of living while living in Ecuador. Internet access is reliable, cheap and widespread, and modern essentials such as air-conditioning and mobile phones are everywhere.

In addition, infrastructure such as the roads are excellent, particularly between the major cities such as Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca. The larger Ecuadorian cities are also well connected with international flights, particularly to destinations in the United States.

All in all, there are few better ways to spend your retirement than living in Ecuador. As your money will stretch much further in his beautiful South American country, you can enjoy a brilliant standard of living with all the modern conveniences one would expect. In addition, there are plenty of amazing things to do and see in the country to make your retirement spectacular.

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